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The Canyon Ultimate CF SLX | Artist Edition

Design, partnership and friendship is distilled in this beauty. 

It is not so easy to find the right words. It feels like a dream that you have as a child - when someone tells you, when you grow up you will take photos of the Tour de France, that you will work with a very big bike company, their bikes you will also find in the peloton of the big races. With this company you will be partners and friends and sometime you will design your own bike with them. This dream came true today. With every click of my camera shutter, i'm grateful for what i can do and what i can pass on. Just give everything, just like in a bike race. Dedication to what you do. The Limited Artist Edition with Canyon is a tribute to all the years since 2007 of partnership, friendship and passion for cycling. 


Distilled in this beauty Ultimate CF SLX. Completed with the spectacular SRAM Force eTap AXS, Zippspeed 404 wheels and the design - inspired of old contact sheets on which I marked more important images with a red adhesive point. The design also pays homage to the most beautiful of all mountains of the Tour. The Col de Galibier. The edition is limited by 50 and available at now. Thanks to the great team by canyon. Thanks to everyone who was involved with! ... awesome.