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Zeit für Brot Berlin - cover story for Bioland Magazin

The year starts with an exciting story about sustainability and local partnership in the organic baking industry. 


In January, I immersed for a few days into Berlin's number one bakery, Zeit Für Brot, especially for Bioland magazine. The cover story is about local partnerships with organic Bioland producers and the sustainability of all kinds of ingredients in bread, cakes & co. To be honest, I am a total fan of delicious baked goods. So it was my pleasure to be with my camera at my favorite bakery. There is a little story behind it...

In 2012 Dirk Steiger, the founder of Zeit Für Brot and I jointly defined the visual language of the first Zeit Für Brot bakery and imagery in Berlin. There are seven bakeries now at three different Locations. Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg. In 2016 the company had 120 employees, now there are more than twice as many. In addition to numerous awards, Zeit für Brot has been awarded the title of Berlin's best bread for several times. Sounds like a very delicious success story and i am happy to accompany this story with my pictures since the beginning. 

Zeit für Brot